Adam Lerner, Information Architect at MetLife

I am pleased to have had the good fortune of working closely with Audrey Rice for a year at MetLife. It was a joy collaborating with her on a variety of projects ranging from transactional, self-service systems to public-facing customer portals.

Though her responsibility on our team was visual design, I found Audrey to show a rare level of concern for the usability of her designs, not just their aesthetic appeal.

She is a passionate advocate for ease-of-use and stylistic consistency -- the latter of which she propagated amongst our team as well as with vendors by means of constructing precise style-guides informed by her tenacious devotion to detail.

Audrey brings a great attitude, a great eye for composition, and tremendous energy to her projects.

I hope to have the chance to work with her again.

Barbara Kymer, Director, Product Marketing at MetLife

As a Marketer, I continually look to build my expertise in all channels. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Audrey Rice on a key new product launch at MetLife. It was a pleasure collaborating with her on the design of our customer portal. I learned a great deal about the importance of visual design to delivering a more effective/satisfying customer experience, I found Audrey to show an exceptional skill in balancing the concern for the usability of her designs with the business needs of timing and resources.

She is a passionate about her work, brings a great attitude, and leads by helping people understand the value in her direction. I would look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Ed Ford, Senior Art Director

As Senior Art Director at Millennium Communications Group, it is my pleasure to recommend Audrey Rice for your agency’s Creative Services Department. Audrey applied her abilities to our interactive projects both smoothly and successfully. Her easygoing personality and extensive knowledge within her field made working with her a pleasure. When collaborating with Audrey on presentations and iPad and Web applications, I found her to be both methodical and thorough, from initial planning to step-by-step completion, repeatedly resulting in client satisfaction.

Audrey is tenacious with her craft, solves the challenges as they come, and does so with a smile as well as an upbeat approach that is both refreshing and effective.

Janet Creech Information Architect at MetLife

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Audrey Rice on our mobile app project. She not only captured what we are looking for from a business stand point but from the customer stand point also. She took the time to understand the scope of the work needed, the time line, and provided many great suggestions.

I love working with someone that knows what they are doing and delivers a great product on time. She WOW'd me.

John Finochiaro, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Berger Group Holdings

Audrey, is a very creative designer who does an excellent job of understanding a customers needs and delivering on what is needed.

She is a very focused person and although very creative she still is very detailed oriented and that is very unique for someone who is a designer.

Audrey always does what is necessary to get the job done and I would recommend her very highly.

Marlene Fand, Senior Editor, Millenium Communications Group

As Editor at Millennium Communications Group, I would like to commend Audrey Rice on the valuable support she provided to the agency’s Creative and Account Services Departments throughout her recent contract assignment. From her first day at Millennium, Audrey was continuously relied on by all for her innovative solutions to functional challenges encountered in development of complex interactive projects. I worked directly with Audrey on projects ranging from internal tactical presentations to client sales-training iPad and Web applications, and found her work to be consistently careful and excellent.

In addition to offering superb independent as well as collaborative problem-solving skills, Audrey is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any project team.

Mike Kuhno, Project Manager, IS Sales & Commercial Effectiveness, sanofi-aventis

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey at sanofi-aventis where she was a valuable member of my team.

Audrey consistently delivered quality work, which concentrated foremost on providing an excellent user experience. This experience included thoughtful layout of assets with creative visual appeal and intuitive user interaction.

In each interaction with Sanofi’s Brand teams Audrey brought new ideas to the table - often to the delight of the team.

Her work was often held as the standard for others to follow - both internally and with outside Interactive/Creative Agencies.

Additionally, Audrey always met all of her deadlines and was a true team player.

I would highly recommend Audrey as an asset to any organization and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.