Checkout - Before

checkout experience before

The original end-to-end checkout experience. Click near the black pins to navigate from page to page.

Checkout - After

checkout enhancements after

Significantly streamlined flow for both registered and guest users by reducing the number of steps it takes to complete an order.

Checkout IT Functional Requirements

Checkout Enhancement IT Requirements

A deliverable for IT development which was planned in 2 phases. Phase 1 launched the Shopping Basket, and Phase 2 launched the Checkout page.

Checkout Research Document

Research Notes

PDF document combining competitive analysis, and remote user testing sessions that drove design strategy. Please note:videos won't play since this is a PDF.

Email Me Notifications (Desktop & Mobile)

Email Me Notifications

New process allowing shoppers to be notified via email when an out of stock item becomes available.

Party Ideas (Desktop & Mobile)

Research Notes

Completely redesigned this section of the site improving upon the "look and feel", and navigation.